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E-Z WayR Restoration Products is dedicated to developing and marketing products that assist the antique community in the restoration of wood and metal antiques with as little work as possible. In addition, we have developed products that restore the antique without any damage to the antique. We have been providing products to the antique community since 1975.

Over this time our product line has grown from the original stripping solution to products for cleaning, coating and preserving wood, copper, brass and silver antiques. We invite you to try our products to see how easy they are to use. Although we usually sell our products at home shows, antique shows, woodworking shows, boat dealers and even at the Oshkosh airplane show we do have dealers who carry the products.

This site will show you the location of all of the dealers and will list most of the shows that we will have sales people at. We are located in the beautiful city of Mount Vernon, in the northern part of the state of Washington.

read more › Our stripper comes in two different consistencies. The regular industrial stripper is used for flat surfaces, light coatings, dip tanks and for clean up after the Semi-Paste removes all of the coatings. Starting with the thin stripper we have thickened it for use on vertical surfaces, multiple layers of paint, aircraft, auto and marine finishes.

read more › Our product, unlike most of the strippers on the market today was developed by a master refinisher in 1975 to do a professional job of restoring furniture, including priceless antiques. He wanted a stripper that would not raise the grain, make the wood fuzzy, bleach the wood, harm the patina, or damage his health. That was a tall order at the time as there was nothing like that on the market. He experimented until he had the perfect product. Shake the E-Z Way Stripper container and using a funnel pour into the spray bottle.

read more › Prepare the base metal, (Copper, Brass, Etc.), by polishing with an non-abrasive metal polish like our all purpose E-Z Shine Metal Polish. I was very concerned when I first bought this chandelier that the metallic coating had been ruined from time and from my initial cleanup with a different brand of silver polish and that I would not be able to restore it except by spending hundreds of dollars for a kit and materials from Caswell. I couldn't be happier that the restoration will be so easy and so inexpensive.

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