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From unique furniture to irreplaceable collectibles, Antiques by Futura stocks and restores all kinds of vintage and mid-century finds! Proudly serving the San Diego County area since 1992 from our shop in Santee, we're an area leader for exceptional finds and personal service. Antiques by Futura was founded in 1992 by John & Carol Bessone. For almost 30 years we have been collecting antique furniture and decor from all parts of the US and Europe.

In 1994 we started our repair and refinishing shop. Now we have added seat weaving - Cane, Rush, Danish cord and Rattan repair. The best part is, I love to repair and restore furniture that has seen the bad side of life. It brings me joy to see a piece of furniture, which might otherwise be dumped in a landfill, be brought back to life again for another 40, 50 or even 100 more years.

read more › Over time, that beautiful wooden desk your grandfather left you may start to look dingy. Years of dust, dirt, sunlight, and smoke may have taken their toll on your antiques. When that happens, bring it to Antiques by Futura to restore your prized possessions to their former glory. Let Antiques by Futura bring back that antique picture frame. Let us restore that chair, table, or desk that just doesn't look quite right anymore. We're local leaders in making your treasures look like new. From a fading finish to chips, scuffs, and wear and tear that comes over time, we can turn back the hands of time on your prized items.

read more › Did the leg break off your chair? Did that antique picture frame break? We'll bring your items back to life by rebuilding whatever part or parts of your item are beyond repair. Scratches, chips, and blemishes almost never happen in easy-to-hide places. And, depending on severity of the damage, it may make your item non-functional, especially if the damage destroyed nails, screws, pegs, or slots from the original manufacturing. Let Antiques by Futura restore the form and function of your piece! Whatever it is, we can give you a fair assessment of what it will take to repair your item and then make it like new.

read more › If it seems like woven seats are becoming a lost art, it's because they are. When you have a chair that's been in your family forever, but that woven seat is starting to fall apart-or maybe it already has fallen apart-bring it to Antiques by Futura! We'll get that seat fixed up and looking great in no time. Here at Antiques by Futura, our seat weaving and repair skills include: Hand Caning, Sheet Caning, Danish cord, Splint, Rattan repair, and more. If you're not sure we can do it, just ask. We probably can!

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