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When you drive by, you can't help but notice and be intrigued by the Little Red Barn at 1609 N. Highway 87 in Elon. If you have any hankering for antiques or a particular interest in lighting fixtures, this stop is one you'll want to make. Johnny and Sandy Albright, owners of the Little Red Barn, have conducted their antique business in Elon for many years.

They're known across the United States for their excellent collection of antique furniture, lamps, lighting fixtures, china, glassware and accessories. The Little Red Barn's specialty is lamp and chandelier restoration and repair. You'll find an impressive array of lamp parts as well as a stock of hundreds of lamp shades in all styles and sizes. An authorized Aladdin dealer, the Little Red Barn stocks replacement parts for the old kerosene mantle lamps.

So you can be ready when the electricity goes out.

read more › When you walk into Johnny Albright's work space, you never know what you might find. Of course you can be assured of a well-stocked supply of vintage and current lamp parts. What always varies is the something special that makes a custom lamp fascinating and tells a story. Many customers trust Johnny with their treasures and ask him to turn them into a very special piece. Recently, a patron asked him to construct a lamp using a large turtle shell. The results were stunning: the turtle shell itself was set on a handsome mahogany base finished in bronze, topped by an oatmeal-colored linen shade and crowned by a brown jade finial.

read more › When you walk around the Little Red Barn, you'll find all sorts of new and vintage replacement parts for virtually any type of lamp. Finials, harps, sockets and bases are all neatly sorted and accessible. Through the years, the Albrights have purchased vintage lamp replacement parts when the opportunity arose. So browsing through their parts can be pleasantly nostalgic. Don't miss the shelves of bases; you'll find solid mahogany, brass, metals and even eclectic ash trays from the 1950's. As an authorized Aladdin dealer, Albright's Little Red Barn carries both new and vintage Aladdin parts too.

read more › Through the years, Johnny's taken care of chandeliers in various levels of disarray. Perhaps one of the arms broke and needed to be redone, Or the center ball needed replacing or bigger cups were required. Simple changes can make a huge difference. With the passing of time, the wires holding crystals in place can be broken with wear. New brass pins can hold the crystals in place once they are "re-pinned" or twisted into place. Once that's been done on older crystals, it's very difficult to tell that such work has been done because the new work blends into the piece so well.

read more › For antique lovers and collectors, all roads lead to Albright's Little Red Barn Lamps & Antiques. When you walk in, you start to realize why customers from all over the United States love to browse and see what's new to the shop. The Albrights are veteran antique dealers who possess a certain penchant for choosing lovely, rare pieces, and their recent discoveries could be just what you're looking for. Or you may unearth a treasure you didn't realize you needed. As trusted dealers in the community, Johnny and Sandy are often the first ones families call when an estate sale is needed.

read more › It's no coincidence that we have 'lamps' in our name. We have one entire room of our store filled with an astounding array of all things lamps, and Johnny and Sandy can help you find just the piece to light your room beautifully. Pick out one of the lamps in our showroom, or create your own. You can choose from the huge assortment of shades, bases, and accessories and create the exact piece you have in mind. Our lamp room overflows with all sorts of lamps - oil and electric, floor and table lamps, wall sconces and brackets.

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