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Specialty Appraisals Here's a quick tip: the diameter of a No. 2 pencil eraser is about the same size as a one carat, round-brilliant diamond. If you can measure your gemstone, be sure to visit "Antique and Collectible Jewelry" posts page. Diana Sanders Cinamon is a published author and personal property appraiser. She has written two books, one about antique silver the other about antique jewelry.

She is considered to be a leading authority on both subjects and brings this level of expertise to every antique appraisal and every contents appraisal. In addition to being the Gemology Department Facilitator (Department Chair)Ms. Cinamon also teaches appraisal theory at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA. There are many different types of personal property appraisals and different types of personal property.

Antique appraisals, jewelry appraisals, silver appraisals, furniture appraisals, and fine art appraisals are just a small part of our certified appraisal services. In most cases, only a portion of your contents actually require an appraisal.

There are different types of personal property and different types of appraisals. Since Insurance and estate requirements vary, the appraiser will first determine which items need to be appraised. With Specialty Appraisals you only pay for what you actually need. The appraisal inventory is conducted by a certified personal property appraiser in the

12-1997 to current: Specialty Appraisals - owner and personal property appraiser, providing certified appraisal services for antiques, fine art, jewelry, antique silver, coins, and household contents. Ms. Cinamon also provides many types of appraisals including Insurance appraisals, estate appraisals, and donation appraisals. Also previously providing

Consumers are often surprised to learn that anyone can say they are a personal property appraiser. Appraising institutions and educational institutions certify and accredit personal property appraisers, not the government. A certified appraiser receives this designation from a private institution. This is different from real estate appraisers who are

You can also try Craig's List to sell heavy items in the local market as they might be difficult or expensive to ship. There is a lot of information on this web site to help you identify and value your items before you list them for sale. We have an entire page devoted to fine art, prints and fine art appraisals on the Appraise-it-yourself page of this

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our appraisal services, presentations, class information and fees. We charge an hourly rate for our services. We have lots of information along with sources for you to value your pieces. There is a table of contents on the right. We provide personal property appraisals in the Southern California

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