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When walking through the two-story building that they spent over a year remodeling, all kinds of treasures can be found. The first floor includes antiques of all varieties. Special collections of jewelry and glassware are just a few of the items locked away for safe keeping in glass cases. And that's just the beginning. Each booth is filled with items for sale by individual collectors, sellers and enthusiasts.

People who have signed on to rent a booth have done a terrific job of displaying the items in an appealing fashion. While most people can appreciate things from the past, few can really be called collectors. This doesn't make any difference when entering the welcoming expanse of C & S Antiques. The store offers the service of listing things wanted by customers so the vendors can keep an eye out for certain items.

read more › The huge parking lot behind the building offers ample space for all visitors. A hand written sign at the entrance of the store features the business's store hours and upcoming events. When entering the first thing you notice is that it is clean and well lit. The folks at the desk, most likely owners Cindy and Steve Hancock, invite visitors in to look around, ready to explain what they are doing or even walk through the huge business with patrons. There is 7500 square feet of space, enough for over 50 vendors.

read more › Old lanterns, radios and lunch boxes bring back memories of days past. The there's some old green glass dishes, which seem to be on every Martha Stewart magazine cover, are FK Jadite dishes. Fenton Carnival glass is also an appealing aspect of the store. Antique books are abundant and beg to be opened. The quilts look like they were made with love and the clothing beckons visitors back to a simpler time. All of this is just on the first floor! The lower level, while not strictly antiques, C & S Antique Mall offers a lot of retro collectibles.

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