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My lifelong passion is my business. Over 40 years of working with eBay, antique malls, flea markets, antique shows, and auctions give me the knowledge and experience to know how, when, and where to maximize profitability for my customers. I am the "go to" guy to handle estate sales, downsizing, and auctions from beginning to end with a professional and caring team.

My team members and I have personal as well as professional experience in estate liquidation. Experience: I have been involved in liquidating estates, selling antiques and collectibles, and general household merchandise for more than 40 years. Let my experience work for you! Alternatives are important. You may not want to sell items individually or have an estate sale, but then there is the auction.

We will arrange to sell your estate, conveniently and discreetly - on site or at an auction facility. When a home is deemed unsafe to hold an estate sale or when you haven't the time to deal with an estate, liquidation allows you to handle the entire estate with one simple transaction.

Rawlins Estate Sales & Service has arrangements with experienced and reputable auctioneers and auction houses to sell your estate conveniently and discreetly, on site or at their facility. Chris Rawlins has many decades of experience with auctions and auction houses and can help you with your auction items!

Downsizing your estate can be a daunting task - we work hard to lessen your emotional burden, make the appropriate decisions, and easily transition to your new location. We are fully aware of the changing stages in life. During this new phase, relocation has become a reality. You may have lost a loved one, decided to move to a smaller location or a

We take care of all aspects of your estate sale - including the merchandising, pricing, and advertising service. The same is true of people who "want" to be professional estate sellers. Who has the experience? When I was 18, I wrote and had published an antique price guide and after college wrote a book on the "Criteria for Investing in Antiques." For

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