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Paply's Gifts Paply's is a unique shopping experience where you can find anything from upscale to yard sale, all at Bargain Prices. We can be described as a crossover between a high-end Antique Shop and a Flea Market. We also have a gift shop area and a variety of merchandise. Paply's is a Bright, Colorful and Clean enjoyable place to shop for treasures or just reflect on the past.

We also have a wide variety of Texas Souvenirs. We have a large variety of merchandise at BARGAIN prices including: Antique furniture, Collectable figurines, Knick Knacks, Jewelry, Glassware, Art, Western and TEXAS motif items, Vintage Radios, Sports Cards, Coins, Collector knives, Crafts, Memorabilia, Militaria, Cast Iron, Coca-Cola Items, John Deere items & Much more!

We also have a Gift Shop featuring Texas Souvenirs, Aromatherapy supplies, and your favorite Texas Sports Team items. Vendors and Dealers are welcome. Snacks and Drinks available. Paply's is a Mall type setting with multiple independent vendors/ dealers and is operated by a small staff that facilitates all sales at a central checkout.

Want to have a garage sale, but don't have space? Our outdoor spaces for our 1st Saturday Sales are only $10.00 for 10' x 14' space. Have your garage sale with us and maximize your visibility, increase traffic flow and you don't have to advertise! Call us today to reserve a spot! We also have 40+ dealers and consignors inside our 5,000+ Sq ft Store

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but with interior design styles like shabby chic, everyone's eyes just might surrender. Shabby chic in Killeen is a beautiful style that transcends age and offers people a comfortable environment without sacrificing an appealing aesthetic. These days, shabby chic is among the most common interior design

It's no secret - vintage furniture in Killeen sells. Walk into any home or establishment and you're bound to find something that's old and used up, in a good way of course. Vintage style furniture has boomed in the past few years, and people are wondering why. What is it about the used, the old, and the worn out that make homeowners jump for a purchase

Who doesn't love taking the time to decorate their homes and switch up their interior? Some homeowners even have a dcor change scheduled every few months or years just to mix everything up regularly. With all the different styles to choose from, however, it can be pretty hard to find one that truly suits your taste. A lot of individuals look to the

There are lots of different styles and designs when it comes to furniture. From sleek, modern, contemporary designs, to mid-century pieces, and even industrial furniture, the options just seem to be endless! There are some that are more popular than others, however, and in recent years, industrial furniture has taken on the spotlight and for very good

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