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Mogul Interior Warm and cozy, created with an obsession for artistic elements and old world architecture my home is a sanctuary that gives me calmness and pure joy, growing with me as a variation of my personality. The entrance doors are antique rustic doors from India, bursting with the lush carvings, motifs and subtle hues, carved by hand with Mother Nature as the muse, they connect me to my roots.

The beautiful carved barn doors that I have used throughout the house have a style of global bohemianism, bringing in a feel of the traditional elements that I grew up with. The colorful arches line the hallway which has a collection of my treasures and artifacts playing with the potted plants and the lush foliage. The feel is very grounded, a romance of the vintage woods and natural artisan furniture.

Our roots began across the ocean but span to the home we have created here. We hope to be able to share the treasures of India with you. Each piece of art has a purpose, its free-spirited bohemianism captures your heart and becomes part of your home.

read more › Welcome to Mogul Interior, an eclectic collection of Old World Elements, Antique doors, Rustic carved doors, arches and columns that carry the energies of ancient times, a classic interplay between warm and traditional interiors. Antique doors are grandly opulent and welcoming. Ornate barn doors carved with the elements of nature, the sun and lotus, give us the earthing and grounding energy. Extravagantly carved doorway arches and columns with stone bases, the dynamic shift of energy vibrates through the design elements.

read more › Mogul Interior imports unique handcrafted antique doors, carved woods and old world elements that are abundantly found in these architectural artifacts. Antique doors can be customized to use as barn doors for the holistic home or the rustic farmhouse. Our collection of reclaimed Indian doors have been salvaged from Havelis in India which are known for their architectural excellence. The antique Indian doors are rustic and handmade from dense woods, these doors last long outdoors as they have weathered several seasons.

read more › Antique arches, columns and carvings salvaged from old mansions and architectural structures are magnificent in detail and handmade by artisans keeping in mind the evolving of universal energy. The carvings are inspired by nature and the metals iron, brass, silver, reinforce the woods and are earthing and grounding. The warmth of the rustic woods and the hand carved ornate detail in the triple arch is marvelous. The story that each piece holds is embedded in the woods and the energy that emanates from these antiques brings it to life adding a unique character to your interiors.

read more › Armoires & Carved Cabinets in natural rustic reclaimed woods are handcrafted by artisans in the old world traditional craftsmanship, and are one of a kind creations. Earthing woods and hand rubbed patina, Organic Design, bedroom armoires, beautifully aged, rustic farmhouse furniture that brings charm and character to your interiors. Brass and Iron hardware adds the grounding element and defines the old teak doors with a classic eclectic feel, mindful furniture from India.

read more › Handmade Vintage door coffee tables and rustic Chai Tables are the focal point for the living room, guiding and inviting you to view the rest of the room dcor. From simple rustic patina office desks to ornately carved dining tables, cladded with brass and iron, rustic farmhouse tables are earthing and grounding bringing with them the classic style of laid back luxury.

read more › Boho chic style is a fashion statement for free spirited people, be it at home or travelling. Handmade bohemian clothing in vibrant printed tunics, free flowing maxi skirts and ethnic pants, the vibes are rampant in the maxi dress kaftans. Mix the hippy, vintage 70s style with the extravagant bold prints of the sari wrap skirts and you have quite a boho chic fashionista.

read more › Comfortably stylish and trendy, the hand embroidered kaftan dresses are loose and flowy, with slits on the side. The silk caftans are so soft and luxurious. Moms-to-be relish the comfort and softness of the fabric, the kaftan tunics are breathable and easy to style. Embolden your spirit and be stunningly captivating with our recycled sari caftan loungers. Pack into your bags for the beach trip as a coverup, the printed caftan is so lightweight and versatile.

read more › Intricately embroidered and handmade, authentic Indian textiles are colorful and flamboyant in their appeal. Sari Tapestries made from vintage Indian dresses are pieced together in random designs that are created instantaneously by the artisans whom we work with to showcase their artwork to the world. The designer in you will want to throw in sari toss pillows for a dramatic effect. Exotic color and texture plays with sumptuously hand printed bedcovers in rich luxurious detail. Sari curtains glamorize the windows and the antique banjara tapestry gives a classic vibe to the bedroom.

read more › Sari Tapestries are collages of vintage patchwork with embroidered and beaded motifs in a gorgeous array of design, adding to the allure of bohemian interiors. Abstract yet in a beautiful design the wall Hangings are pieced together in a random fashion with the blueprint in the creator's mind. Exotic and stylish rhapsody of ethnic designs adds in a global flair to your decor.

read more › Bedspreads in tribal colors and ethnic designs, embellished coverlets are beautifully pieced together in vibrant designs and are creative pieces of art. The beauty lies in the hands that create these amazing tapestry bedspreads. Amazing gifts, unique and global chic the embroidered throws can even be used on the wall as tapestries. Simply stunning, cashmere pashmina throws invite casual elegance with a regal flourish in gorgeous subtle hues and vintage colors with resplendent motifs of jamavar and paisleys.

read more › Beautiful handmade vintage sari tapestry pillow covers with rich embroidery and beads in exotic jewel color tones. Colorful silk sari cushion covers enhance the beauty of the room as well as adding color. Patchwork Toss Pillows hand made from old Indian saris, printed cotton cushion covers in Kalamkari style are ethnic and striking, beautiful hand made accessories giving your interiors an eclectic flair.

read more › Altars are divine centers for yoga or meditation and energize the space around them, bringing the resonance of your soul higher. Your altar is a manifestation of your inner spirit, an expression of your soul and how you identify with the world. Artistic sculptures and statues of Buddha and Hindu Gods make a beautiful backdrop for a yoga sanctuary.

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