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I have been involved in the antiques business for over 50 years now. In the late 1960's, I helped my dad in what was at that time, his fledgling antique business and as he began a small estate auction company. In the mid-1970's, I had graduated from college, taught school for a few years, and finally elected to go into the antiques business full-time.

It was then I purchased the small estate auction company my father had started and proceeded to grow it into a company which would eventually become a major international auction house. In fact, based on annual sales, I was one of the top 10 auction houses in North America and probably one of the top 15 in the world.

Over a period of time, I developed the small estate auction company into a special multi-division catalog auction company where I gathered items from all over North America and sometimes throughout the world and then cataloged them, photographed them, and then offered them at auction to collectors from all over the world.We prided ourselves in being honest, upfront and always attempting to deal with our customers, buyers and sellers, in a fair and honest manner.

This category includes all forms of advertising whether they be signs, dye cabinets, trade signs, etc. This category includes early American Grandfather Clocks, Victorian Grandfather Clocks, watches from all periods, scientific instruments, and any other type of time keeping instrument that we might have in stock. This category consists of an important

We are closed on weekends. You, of course, can call and leave a message after office hours but always include our Inventory number. If the description does not include the delivery charge, simply call or email our office for a quote to your location. If you are a dealer, no sales tax is applicable if you provide us with a valid Sales Tax Number. 3.

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