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Reborn Antiques By 1996, having collectively worked within the design and antiques industry for 15 years, and already colleagues, we took a chance on our creative sensibilities, and diligent work ethics, and opened our showroom in West Hollywood, California. Word quickly spread and designers and decorators placed orders before the doors were officially open. In a relatively short amount of time our start-up business turned from a creative dream into reality.

We developed our own reproduction line and the "new kids on the block" grew into seasoned, respected professionals, garnishing a reputation among designers as "the place to go when no one else could make it happen". Eleven years later, 38 employees strong, Reborn Antiques maintains its clientele and reputation as a leader in the design and decorating community.

An assembly of skilled craftsman and artisans create not only our own line of reproductions, but also tackle custom modifications and original design work with the same enthusiasm and skill.

Within the last decade, our client groups, and leaders in the fields of design and architecture, have come to place a great deal of trust in us. Not only four our lines of antique and reproduction, but for our aesthetics, understanding of quality and the ability to utilize our assembly of craftsmen and artisans to develop any creative vision into reality

Besselink and Jones' roots extend back more than sixty years with the foundation of Jack Cadman's original ceramic conversion and brass turning workshops in Surrey. Hank Besselink, who came from a precision engineering background, began working alongside Jack to develop new designs and techniques. Nearly a decade later, Hank formed a partnership with

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