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We are actively seeking high quality Chinese antiques. Whether you are cleaning out an estate or just moving and downsizing or you are a collector looking for help in finding out the current value of your collection, we are happy to help. Email us and we'll get back to you within 48 hours. We are interested in Chinese antiques of all kinds, including porcelain, jade, paintings, calligraphy, cloisonne, bronze, buddhas, furniture, lacquer ware, woods and other material works of art.

We are also interested in high quality Japanese and South Asian antiques and art work. Once we finish our evaluation and decide to buy your pieces, we will pay you in cash (if we can pick up in person) or we will pay remotely via Paypal, bank checks, or wire transfer. We buy directly from you, or, If the items are not suitable for us, we will help you find the right buyers willing to give you the best price.

We charge a 10% fee of the final price for this service. Our fee includes evaluating your piece(s), finding a buyer, and negotiating the price on your behalf.

We understand the difficulty of safely transporting valuable antiques. We offer professional appraisal services in person or online. Our specialists have consulted on Chinese and other Asian antiques for over 20 years and the assessments we provide are always FREE! If there are remaining items after we choose those we wish to buy or can sell on consignment

We are a direct buyer for quality Chinese antiques. Our specialists have been in this field for over 20 years and can identify your piece as Chinese or Japanese, Thai, Burmese, etc, its age, and inform you what the mark means. We can also identify the current market worth based on the most recent realized auction price. Whether you are cleaning out

We are currently working virtually thought out the country at this time. We are happy meet in person by appointment in accordance with current health guidelines and safety measures. The more photos the better! Photos depend on what type of item you have. However, it is always good to send a photo of the front, back, and bottom of your item as well as

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