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Stop and browse for Antiques, Collectibles, Rocks/Gems and more at Rock-N-Horse Antiques and Collectibles in Allegan, Michigan. Visit us and see what makes shopping here a unique and pleasant experience. Rock-N-Horse was born from our love for antiques, collectibles, and rocks. We wanted to share our passion with you, and we found a way to do that, housing so many interesting treasures all under one roof.

You'll be amazed at everything you can find at our shop. We have so many fascinating finds, from jewelry, books, and coins, to lamps, furniture, paintings, and glass, and much, much more. Our love of rocks has blossomed into a large selection of slabs of every stone you can think of, a collection of beautiful gems, and other items such as petrified wood, rough-cut chunks, and cabochons.

At Rock-N-Horse Antiques & Collectibles and Rock Shop in Allegan, MI, we truly believe that every item has a story. It's the story that is behind an interesting find that makes it so much more priceless. Although we may not know every story that goes with each antique or collectible, we guarantee you'll locate some fascinating finds in our huge inventory

The owner of Rock-N-Horse Antiques & Collectibles purchased a 1960's rock shop lapidary inventory in 2015. After much cleaning and sorting of what at first just looked like buckets of just rocks, turned out to be a huge collection of petrified wood, Petoskey stone, Agate, Crazy Lace Agatod, Obsidian, Jasper, Fossil Geodes and Calcedney. The collection

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