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Have one item or an entire estate? We can sell your items via consignment by getting your items in front of an extensive list of enthusiastic on-line buyers! LL Auctions provides a great online website to showcase your items for sale to thousands of potential buyers for a nominal charge. I love this place, we lost all of furniture months back and have been able to get my house furnished again with great quality stuff that I would have not been able to afford new.

Very friendly staff, well ran company! Thanks so much for this service! This is a well run business that provides opportunities to find some really good deals. I have participated in many sales and will keep doing business with LL Auctions. The only hesitation I have about giving it my highest recommendation, is I really don't want someone new bidding against me.

My husband is not savvy with anything online. He was able to buy some things from L.L. Auctions with ease because of their user friendly web site. He mentioned the owners being very helpful as well.

read more › LL Auctions is a Texas owned and operated company. We employ the best means possible to sell your items including an extensive client mailing list and heavy focus on advertising and networking ensuring that each auction is marketed in such a manner as to bring the best of buyers and sellers together. We are a full time, full service Texas auction company. We are experts at organizing, preparing and displaying merchandise to maximize its interest and appeal. Lisa passed LL Auction's legacy to James Gregory, whose core values in business are integrity and giving 110%.

read more › When you contract with LL Auctions to conduct the sale of your items at auction, we provide:. We would be more then happy to assist you in making a decision that you feel good about. Our job is to make certain that you are comfortable with the auction process when it comes to dispersing of items. We can arrange to pick up or for you to drop off any item(s) that you would like to consign to us for sale at auction. Please have as much information available when you contact us in regards to item or types of items, or feel free to e-mail us a description or digital picture of what you would like for us to auction for you.

read more › Are you searching for a particular category of item when you visit our auction every Wednesday? Let us know today! We will focus on the main categories that we have heard from our bidders. If there is another one we don't already feature, let us know and will add your request! Sign up for a particular category below and you will be notified when that category is available for bidding on our upcoming auctions! Let us know when you score a great deal or purchase a rare find! Tell us about how the gems you bought have brighten your life.

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