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We believe the quality craftsmanship found in older and antique pieces of furniture is hard to find in more modern designs. That is why the professionals at Colonial Restoration Studio strive to be the masters in methods to refinish your antique furniture. Serving the Montgomery County and surrounding areas for over 30 years, Colonial Restoration Studio treats every cherished piece of art like it is their own.

We are dedicated to antique conservation and in preserving history through our work. For more information on our fine art restoration, please give us a call or send a message. Bringing gorgeous antique woods back to life is what we do best. Nothing is quite as gratifying as bringing a piece of furniture back to its original condition through our natural refinishing process.

We have procedures in place for the safe collection of your items, as well as delivery procedures. If you are an individual or business with a need for your valuables to be sanitized without risk of damage, we also have optimized our cleaning service.

read more › Colonial Restoration Studio has been refinishing, restoring, and conserving furniture and antiques for over 30 years. Located in Gaithersburg Maryland, just outside of Washington DC, our studio is nestled in the heart of Montgomery County. David Hawksford is a classically trained artist and registered Art Conservationist. His talent is based on a strong foundation of attention to detail and craftsmanship. He learned the trade through his grandfather. His son Jarrod following right along in his footsteps, sharing in the day to day operations at their studio.

read more › There are many different forms of cedar wood and many are used for eye jolting trunks and chest. These hope chests were given as gifts and passed down through family members for the storing of blankets or sweaters in the summer months. Cedar delivers a woody but fresh smell to items that are placed in the big wooden box and is favored for these reasons. Different cedar woods can come in unique colors depending on the type of cedar tree it is cut from. In turn, some cedar trunks and chest can display red hues in the wood or deep grainy like colors.

read more › When it comes to your wicker chairs, tables and rockers, Colonial Restoration specializes in chair caning and rush maintenance and repair. We are the experts in constructing exact match patterns and weaves to restore your furniture. Our experts have spent years mastering the art of caning and rush and stand by each unique delicate weave of every chair. Chair caning and rush is an art that takes practice and the end result is stunningly beautiful. These amazing weaved pieces are not only appealing to the eye but are durable for many different types of weather conditions.

read more › Antique secretary desks that are full of individual mail slots with a drop down writing station are loved by many. There are many different types of antique desks that are cherished today such as vanity desks, writing desks, executive desks, roll top desks and many, many more. Each desk from a different decade had a purpose and every inch was utilized for making business deals or writing love letters. They all tell a story of an era and promote a trend from that decade in time. Fine antique desks can be difficult to find, especially ones that have never been touched or refinished before.

read more › When thinking of salvaging a dresser for refinishing purposes, think about using a trained professional first. Refinishing furniture is a tedious task that requires patience and time in order to have the end result come out as planned. Stripping any dresser is a messy process. Keep in mind in some cases, when purchasing an antique dresser for restoration, this dresser may have already been restored or painted before and done incorrectly. Many problems can arise if you don't know what you are doing.

read more › There is a reason why wood has been used for centuries for a majority of items. Exterior doors and windows are no different. Exterior door restoration for the front door of your home is an easy way to change up the look from the outside. Damage happens, it's inevitable. Sunlight will dull and fade the wood coloring or stains and make it look old and drab while rain and snow can leave it looking even more worn out. Having your exterior door restored is a perfect way to spruce it up and not to mention, save you money on purchasing a whole new front door.

read more › Digging through antiques in your attic or garage can be exciting! Finding out that your one of a kind pieces of furniture have been neglected for some time is not. Now you need a way to thoroughly have your piece of furniture cleaned and back to looking new. With Colonial Restoration, our experts are looking forward to helping you to restore your piece of furniture to it's original fashion. Dirt and dust can build on furniture throughout time and make the item look dull. The removal of dirt and dust buildup can be difficult depending on the severity.

read more › Gilding is a technique that involves the application of gold to a hard surface. The gold is typically 23 karat or below and is applied in a powder or leaf like form and in thin coats on stones, metals and woods. Gilding has been used for decades and in numerous ways for decorative purposes. Three types of gilding are oil gilding, glass gilding and water gilding. Each technique is special in its own way and offers a different appearance. The technique of gold gilding is tedious and requires expertise to restore and refinish such exacting designs.

read more › Guitar refinishing is only a small portion of what Colonial Restoration can offer. With over 30 years of experience, our master craftsmen are skilled in many unique disciplines. Our experts are used to working with high valued, antiques of different shapes and sizes, textures and colorings. Our expertise in guitar restoration is no different! Guitars are just as special as wood furniture pieces and artifacts that are museum showcases. Guitar finishing is just as unique and tricky as any other category of restoration.

read more › A mother of pearl is considered to be organic and can be used in jewelry. Producing mother of pearl is actually extremely difficult and more often coral or ivory is used today. This is why these antiques are so valuable today! If you happen to have a real mother of pearl jewelry or in antique artifacts you are holding on to an expensive possession. Because of the mother of pearls beauty and value, restoring and maintaining special pieces can add even greater value to your item. Certain pieces that have fine cracks or any damage to the outside of the pearl itself should be handled by experts.

read more › Many of us hold porcelain treasures dear to our hearts. Sometimes damage can occur to your favorite porcelain plate and shatter but restoration is always an option for the majority of different ceramics. If the design of the porcelain object is in need of restorative paint or replication of design, our experts at Colonial Restoration are perfect for the job. Colors, fine lines and broken pieces are no match for our high quality professionals. It is our job to bring your broken valuables back to life so you can continue to enjoy them the way they were meant to be!

read more › Antique sideboards are a piece of statement furniture that consists of drawers, and cabinets for dishes and linens and that are usually found in hallways or dining rooms. These sideboards are put on display as functional yet stunning focal points in a room. Antique sideboards are making a comeback and have been for a number of years. People are searching for the perfect entranceway piece and kitchen decor to display their figurines. The look of an antique sideboard is especially beautiful because of the unique design elements.

read more › At Colonial Restoration we take pride in every table restoration that we do. We understand that each piece usually will carry a deep meaning or a story to go along with it. When it comes to precious antique furniture restoration there is no better team for the job in Maryland and Virginia. Our qualified professionals take time and use caution with every table restoration. We spend time carefully removing the finish to create a fresh slate to start with. We offer various methods for table restoration such as filling and sealing the grain if you are looking to keep the original look of the piece intact.

read more › Call Colonial Restoration Studio for a confidential consultation at (301) 948-6652 or e-mail us today. Whether it is a cherished family heirloom or a piece you wish to sell at auction for a higher value, bring your furniture restoration in the Maryland or northern Virgina areas to an industry expert you can trust, Colonial Restoration Studio.

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