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Alex Raskin Antiques Everyone values their space, whether it's a home or an office. Decorations and furnishings are what make your room unique and comfortable for you. Therefore, the design is essential because it's part of what makes up the place's character. With our strong passion for interior design, we aim to help you idealize your desired models and bring them to life.

As a lifestyle website, we specialize in home decor and redesigning using antique furniture. We retain a classic, vintage style but keep up with trends and chic designs in fashion. That helps us to provide beautifully curated ideas that, even though deals with antiques, are modern. Thus, it gives your home a unique look that incorporates the best of both worlds.

Hence, we ensure that we obtain both global and local insight from the design community. This step enables us to continually update our style and bring you the latest on interior decorations. Using this, we tailor the different styles and trends into something that's beyond generic.

read more › We're privileged to have a diverse team made of individuals with various design interests. Our contributors include writers, editors, stylists, lifestyle and fashion enthusiasts, interior decorators, designers, and antique collectors. We have the opportunity of pooling knowledge from these people with vast experience in their field. That enables us to gather expert views from different perspectives and present them to you in a refined way. The advantage is that it helps us provide our readers with insight that's not skewed.

read more › Colors indeed affect the general look and feel of a particular room. That's why it's crucial to put much thought into them. And now you know why it takes time to choose a hue scheme. However, even though it can be tricky, choosing the right color is easy once you know what you want to achieve. There are basic rules that designers follow. For example, specific colors give a cooling effect, and certain colors make a room look more spacious. On the other hand, shapes also provide particular results.

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