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Wells Antiques was established in 1992. From the beginning, the intent was to join the community of antique dealers that populated Echo Park for over a quarter century. Over time the business evolved into a virtual museum of art pottery & tiles, garden ware and furniture, displaying the largest collection of antique tiles in the country. Scott Wells, the owner of Wells Antiques began taking a specific interest in art pottery when he came across his first California tile table.

His interest increased when he stumbled on a large collection of antique tiles. At that time there was little information available so Wells sought out the few tile experts around and began what would become an endless quest for knowledge. In doing so Wells became aware of how few dealers there were in the country that specialized in this area of the antique business.

Without a doubt there was a niche just waiting to be filled. The public awareness and appreciation of these treasures has not only blossomed but has exploded over the past 10 years.

read more › We also have just started to provide vintage tile excavation service at your home. We can remove antique tile fireplaces, vintage tile fountains as well as antique tile scenes. Due to the high demand for antique tile and antique pottery appraisals, we now offer our expert opinion on the value of your items. Either bring us your antique tile and/or pottery or we can come to you for large items. We can assist you with design ideas either here at the store or at your home. Let us help with antique garden pottery placement or antique tile design services, such as tables, fireplaces, fountains.

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