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At 6, I bought my first painting. I grew up in my grandfathers' furniture store and loved searching the old storage rooms and attics. After graduating UC Berkeley and a few less than interesting jobs I spent a year in Asia and Africa with a couple of weeks is Europe. On my return while working for a friend in his antiques shop for the first time I sold $80k in a few hours.

My life was changed. The market has changed. At the moment, furniture catalogs determine design trends. We believe creative discerning clients along with people from families that have been collecting for generations will never be happy with mass produced furniture or decoration and that the future for exceptional objects is bright. Consider becoming a collector today, learn more about collecting on our blog:.

Every trade has abbreviated language to make conversations pass more quickly. Undoubtedly you will often stumble upon a curious word and probably ignore it or decide the context it is used will provide meaning. Our hope is to provide a guide to terms you are likely to see as you read descriptions of pieces. ANTIQUE: When I started a piece had to be

If you have specific pieces you are looking for please let us know! There is a chance we have the piece you are searching for but have not photographed or cataloged it yet as we keep getting new arrivals regularly. Also, we have a wide ranging group of knowledgeable experts and dealers that can help you. We are pleased to help in your search, call us

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