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Central Mass Auctions Our "core" service area is southern New England. Many of our clients live in Central Massachusetts, greater Boston, Cape Cod, southern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and northern Connecticut. We cover a much wider area, though. In recent memory, we've also worked with clients in northern New England, New York, and Pennsylvania. We have made pickups as far away as Cleveland (to auction the contents of a country store).

We flew to Florida to pick up Eliot Ness's credentials, which were consigned to us after Wayne Tuiskula appraised them on PBS's Antiques Roadshow in Miami. Consignors have shipped us jewelry, artwork, comic books, and other items from across the United States and Europe. We spend a lot of time on each auction. From evaluating items, to crafting descriptions, to taking clear photos, to promoting the items to potential buyers, most of the work is in the lead-up.

Your items will be evaluated by a credentialed appraiser with decades of experience. A high-profit auction often requires a low-glamour prep stage.

Clients in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky have trusted us to sell their higher end estates, antiques and collections. Please consider us to handle all of your estate needs!. We offer a wide range of services throughout greater Boston, Massachusetts, and New England, including antique

New England is rich in history and antiques and we often hear of something being found in a home that is worth in the tens of thousands or even more. You may not have something worth that much but there are collectors actively looking for everything from comic books and fountain pens to pottery and toys. With millions of collectors worldwide there might

Although Central Mass Auctions can identify which items are more valuable and should be sold at an estate auction and when an estate sale might be a better alternative, typically a combined approach is best, with some items going to auction and others being sold at an estate sale. We also offer estate appraisal services when needed. We work with estate

Longtime auctioneer Wayne Tuiskula offers professional contact-free (socially distanced) appraisals. We then showcase your pieces with the help of expert photographers, and we promote our auctions to nearby collectors and antiquers. We have a wide-reaching network - built up over decades - that can help your online art auction pay off. Collectors have

Hiring an estate sales service is the best and the easiest method to get the most for your possessions. Whatever the reason that you need our estate sale services, we bring a wealth of professional services and expertise. We have over 25 years of experience running sales and have handled sales for a wide range of clients in many locations. We will find

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