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OF THE PAST Let the rich, expressive sounds and timeless visual beauty of an antique piano resonate in your space. Delight the senses with superlative sound, sights and history. View the Instruments for Sale in our Piano Showroom or contact us if you seek something particular. Our purpose at the Antique Piano Shop is to create awareness and promote preservation of antique pianos and related instruments.

Through our Gallery and Online Museum, we offer an unprecedented resource on the topic, furthering interest in restoration and preservation. Our goal is to correct common misconceptions about antique pianos and related instruments, and to offer an accurate and credible educational resource online. Decades of restoring, observing, collecting, and archiving historical information has made this website possible.

Our staff has spent many years in the field of piano restoration, ultimately making it their lives' work. We are a proud group of Technicians, Historians, Wood Workers, Artisans and Pianists who have come together to offer this very specialized resource for antique pianos and related instruments.

read more › We are people who love pianos. The piano tells the story of our loved ones' past, and it will carry our story to future generations. The piano is a part of our family - our memories and sentiments are attached to it unlike any other material possession. Enduring through the centuries, the piano has tirelessly given us great pleasure and companionship. We are proud to offer our Gallery & Online Museum as a free educational resource about antique pianos and related instruments. With this website, we will educate the public at large, promoting restoration and preservation of antique pianos, organs and related instruments.

read more › Submit An Offer Thank you for your interest in this instrument. We are glad to consider reasonable offers on our instruments, but we do ask that these be serious inquiries only. To make an offer on this instrument, please submit your information in the requested fields below. Please be as detailed as possible with your comments and make sure your offer amount is clearly stated. Once your offer is submitted, a sales representative will respond to your offer as soon as possible.

read more › We have been fortunate to assemble a very special group of talented artists and craftsmen from both North America and Europe. Here we share our passion for restoring these heirloom instruments so that they will be preserved and not lost. What was once one of America's greatest industries has become a shell of its former self. In an age of technology and digital music, the American Piano Industry has struggled to survive. Unable to compete with the flood of imported instruments from Asia and abroad, many great American craftsmen have been forced to close their doors and seek other means of employment.

read more › Our Gallery & Online Museum will give you a sense of the piano's place in society during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Through our extensive ephemera collection, photos and historical texts, we are able to share nearly 200 years of history that has been locked away in private collections for decades. Scroll through original sales catalogs, vintage advertising and trade cards for a rare glimpse into the piano & organ industry as it was over a century ago!. Our Online Museum Gallery is continuously being updated.

read more › How many professionally designed homes have you seen with exquisite period decor, only to see a sterile, generic black baby grand piano in the corner? Often the largest and most visible piece in a room, the piano generally gets very little design consideration. Most designers are not aware that THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE to the mass-produced black baby grand piano for their clients. Period-style cases and custom faux finishes allow the Design Professional to offer an instrument to their clients that will blend in harmony with its surroundings.

read more › Because of its size and visibility, the piano is intended to be a core element of a room design - a central piece with its own distinct style that defines the room around it. Although it may be the largest and most visible piece in a room, the piano is often given the least amount of consideration when it comes to style, design, and color. While the smallest details like fixtures and accessories receive extensive consideration when planning the space around us, the piano is often perceived as having no unique style or identity of its own.

read more › In the early 20th Century, the demand for specialized, custom-decorated instruments was so great that many manufacturers had a separate "Art Department" which employed skilled artists and craftsmen full-time for the purpose of creating custom-designed and decorated pianos for their special clients. Antique Piano Shop is proud to have one of the only "in house" Art Departments in the piano industry today! From custom designed cabinets to painted murals, faux-finishing and distressing, our expert team of skilled woodcarvers, artists, and faux-finishers specialize in creating special, one-of-a-kind cabinets around vintage instruments which can allow Design Professionals to offer their clients unlimited options when choosing a piano.

read more › The Pianomation Player System makes your piano come alive and play by itself with real expression like a person, without changing the manual playability of your piano in any way! The player system is operated wirelessly by any smart device, and more than 10,000 songs are available ranging from Pop, Classical, Jazz, and even R&B. We are installing this system in more than half of the pianos we restore. The piano has amazing range of volume control. Any piano can play loudly, but the Pianomation Player System is capable of playing at very low volumes when soft background music is desired.

read more › Did you know that Antique Piano Shop is one of the first and only shops of its kind to specialize in the restoration and preservation of Square Grand Pianos? For years, our artisans have rebuilt Square Grand Pianos for clients all over the United States. The Square Grand Piano Also known. Today we're discussing one of our frequently asked questions: how do I know if my antique piano or organ originally came with a stool or a bench? During the 19th century and turn-of-the-century era, the women of the family were often the pianists - and consider what they wore.

read more › The most accurate way to determine the specific age of your instrument is by cross-referencing the brand name with the serial number. There are a handful of historical publications that can be used to cross-reference brand names with serial numbers in order to determine specific dates of manufacture. While most major manufactures are listed in these archives, some smaller and lesser-known firms may not be listed. Sadly, the history of many obscure firms has been lost over time. In cases where a manufacturer is not listed in our archives, we must "guesstimate" the age of an instrument based on the evolution of design and construction.

read more › The staff and crew at Antique Piano Shop welcome your questions and comments. Our email is monitored throughout the day on a daily basis, and one of our experts will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours. Email is the best way to contact us. Each day our website serves over 2,000 visitors! Many inquiries are questions about instrument age and instrument value, etc. Our "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" page is designed to answer the majority of questions we get. With over 2,000 online visitors each day, one can only imagine the substantial number of telephone calls we were receiving from our website!

read more › For nearly 150 years, Square Grand Pianos were the piano of choice in both America and Europe, yet very few people today have ever seen one! Even most Piano tuners and technicians today have little or no familiarity with Square Grand Pianos whatsoever. The Antique Piano Shop is one of the first and only shops of its kind that specializes in the restoration and preservation of the Square Grand Piano. Although the internet provides a significant amount of information regarding traditional Grand and Upright Pianos, there seems to be a substantial lack of credible information and resources regarding Square Grand Pianos.

read more › At the Antique Piano Shop, we specialize in restoring rare and obsolete pianos and organs for individuals who desire to preserve their heirloom instruments. Since the piano continued to evolve well into the early 20th century, parts and supplies may not be readily available for antique pianos. This is why many shops won't bother restoring them. We have most of our parts custom-made for each piano, and everything else we actually make ourselves. Antique piano restoration is a very specialized craft that takes a lot of time, patience, and attention to detail.

read more › At Antique Piano Shop, we specialize in restoring rare and obsolete pianos and organs for individuals who desire to preserve their heirloom instruments. Here we discuss the basic principals of our restoration processes, including all types of vintage pianos and organs. Over the years, we have realized that our clients sometimes prefer having some pricing options when choosing restoration of their vintage pianos. As a result, we have established 3 different package levels of restoration services in order to better serve our customers.

read more › Would you like to know what it would cost to restore your vintage instrument? Please be as accurate and detailed as possible in your descriptions so that our staff can be as accurate as possible when providing your quote. Once we receive your information, one of our experts will respond with information about restoration costs, potential value, and general comments about your instrument as soon as possible. Our crew is trained to be able to help you ascertain which restoration package is right for you.

read more › The GRADE 1 PACKAGE is the most affordable of the three restoration packages we offer, yet the quality is comparable to most other shops best packages. Our approach with the GRADE 1 PACKAGE is to RESTORE rather than REPLACE. In other words, the GRADE 1 PACKAGE restores your piano to historically correct specifications while utilizing as much of the original mechanisms as possible. Materials that deteriorate such as felts, leather, strings, etc., are replaced, while the durable mechanisms like action parts are restored rather than replaced.

read more › The newest square grand pianos are now at least 125 years old, most much older. Due to the age and unique design of square grand pianos, their restoration is generally more specialized and complex. Because of the rarity and potential value of square pianos, they deserve the finest restoration and preservation available. With the GRADE 1 SQUARE GRAND PACKAGE, the cabinet gets a high quality, grain filled lacquer finish with great pains to repair all broken/missing carving, molding, etc. All hardware is buffed, polished or plated as needed, and all decals are replaced correctly.

read more › First, a player piano is only going to play and sound as good as the piano itself. If the piano is in poor condition, no matter how fast the keys move up and down it is going to sound terrible. Second, a player piano consists of two separate machines - the piano, and the player mechanisms that play the piano. We offer the same 3 PACKAGES with player piano restoration that we offer in traditional upright piano restoration-these packages reflect the work done on the piano itself, not the player mechanisms.

read more › Established in 1900, QRS Music was a pioneer in making player piano rolls for the old fashion pneumatically operated player pianos. Today, over a century later, QRS is still making old fashion player piano rolls, and they are also leading the field in computerized player piano technology! Many of our clients are having their pianos equipped with computerized player mechanisms, making their piano a player piano. This system is called the QRS Pianomation Player System, and has been around for decades.

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