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Good Knight Woodwork Making a full-time passion out of a life-long hobby. Specializing in antique furniture restoration, furniture repair, custom made wooden furniture, and handmade wooden toys. American made quality and craftsmanship. The pictures and products represented here are only a sample of what we can do. Please contact us to discuss the project of your dreams.

read more › One of my true loves is creating a custom piece of furniture for a client. Taking an idea and turning it into a functional, beautiful piece of furniture that specifically meets the clients' needs is a challenge and a joy. The pictures below are of a custom made walnut adjustable height couch table. I am currently working on a custom made walnut 87 behind the couch table.

read more › Sometimes, we are asked to refinish old doors. The first door pictured here was really baked by the sun. We stripped and sanded it, but the sun damage was pretty extensive. We stained it a little darker shade to make the damage less noticeable. We also shined up the hardware. The homeowner was really surprised how shiny the brass was! The storm door for the house had been repaired previously and was really beyond repairing again. So, we got to build a new one! It seems our projects sometimes come in twos.

read more › Furniture is made, or should be made to use! And sometimes, we over use it. Do you remember family dinners with squeaky chairs? Maybe sitting on a chair that you were afraid to lean back on after eating? Or a dresser with a stack of books holding it up because the leg broke off? I can fix that! Sometimes it requires making a new piece, or gluing, clamping and screwing together something that has turned from useful to a space waster. It isn't often a hard thing to fix, but something a lot of people don't want to mess with because it takes time and the right tools.

read more › We have all seen a piece of furniture that looked like it was beyond repair. It may have been really dry or cracked, missing pieces, broken, or just looked like it might not be worth the effort to save. Very often, it can be saved, it just takes some time and commitment. Fortunately, our client saw beyond that to what it could become and didn't just decide to junk it. We cleaned it, and found there was virtually no finish left on it at all. The top was badly warped, and looked like it was not original to the piece.

read more › In addition to running a woodworking business, we own a small hobby farm. One of the things we grow is potatoes. LOTS of potatoes! In order to harvest the potatoes more efficiently, I designed some baskets and crates to make it easier to carry and store the potatoes. The crates and baskets have several unique features. First of all, the slats on each side allow for air to circulate and help to prolong the freshness of our produce. Second of all, the crates stack and interlock. The legs are designed to fit nicely over the top slat of the crate below.

read more › We try to make everything we create appealing to the eye. Some pieces, like our crates and baskets are functional and appealing to the eye. And other pieces function just as art and decoration. Each piece is available for sale, and linked to where you can buy it, unless otherwise noted. Each piece is unique, and once it's gone, another one may be created that is similar, but you'll never find another one exactly like it.

read more › This piece, the representation of the Kokopelli, was made from small and unusual shaped pieces from other projects. We save lots of pieces that many people would consider scrap. It is important to us to keep as much usable material as possible out of the landfills. The outer piece is cherry, the Kokopelli himself is made from oak, and the base is made from cedar. This little guy is truly one of a kind. And he's not the true Kokopelli, because he's a spirit and you can't buy that. There are many Native American legends about the Kokopelli, but he is thought to be a trickster who also brings harvest and plenty, and carries with him new songs to be sung.

read more › Whenever possible, I strive for my work to have minimal impact on the environment. All food service products are made with food safe finishes and all products are made with the safest finishes practical. Lower chemicals are better for you, and in turn, better for the earth. I love to use reclaimed wood. Cutting down a tree does not mean it can no longer be useful. It just needs to be re-imagined. I have recently discovered that ash trees cut down because of Emerald Ash Borer damage are being milled into boards and sold as lumber through Habitat Restore.

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