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Fly Trap Antiques, in the picturesque town of Donnelly, Idaho, holds American antiques, collectibles, vintage, unique, precious, weird, wild and wonderful things all gathered under one roof. Fly Trap Antiques shop owners, Callie and Fred Smith, live and breathe antiques. They're on a never-ending quest to collect quality antiques to share with visitors, shoppers, tourists and "treasure hunters" during the warmer seasons in Donnelly.

Fly Trap Antiques carries a wide range of antiques, mostly American. Looking for a certain item, era, or missing piece? Ask Callie - she's been interested, involved, researching, buying and selling antiques forever. Callie lives near by and is HAPPY to answer your call and come open the shop just for you! Call Callie's cell at (208) 630-4929.

read more › Callie's mother, Nadine, always wanted to have an antiques shop. Nadine planned to name the shop after two of her favorite items- a glass cane and fly trap. Callie honored her mom by keeping part of the store name, but shortened it to simply Fly Trap Antiques. Nadine has now passed away, but was able to visit the fledgling antiques shop in her final years. Callie has her mother's antiques, and is carrying out the dream they both shared. When you visit, ask to see the old 1890s fly trap!

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