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Information: Are you looking for the perfect flea market in South Carolina? Here at Springfield Flea Market located in Springfield, South Carolina, we have the best flea market with all the best antiques you could want! Have you been looking for that perfect piece of antique furniture to fit your collection and can't find it anywhere in South Carolina?

Here at Springfield Flea Market, we have the widest variety of furniture and antique furniture nearby for you to find exactly what you are looking for! Perhaps you are just looking for some awesome and unique pieces of furniture to accent your collection? Whether you have something specific in mind or you just want to browse our extensive and distinctive assemblage of cherished furniture, you will be sure to find something you will love and want to take home!

In addition to our incredible collection of furniture, we have a variety of other categories of antique items to accent your own collection of antiques and unique items! If you are looking for interesting jewelry with a history and story behind it, our antique jewelry will startle and amaze you with its startling irreplaceability!

If you are looking for some home appliances but don't want to spend an excessive amount on a washer or dryer, we have what you are looking for here at the flea market! We have the best used washers and used dryers in the area so that you don't have to worry about spending too much on an appliance that we have at a cheaper rate here! We also have some

The Springfield Flea Market has for years been a staple of the western side of Orangeburg County, South Carolina. In this market, you'll find anything from antique coins to antique jewelry, from used clothing to used furniture. Most of the products sold at our flea market are store returns, used, gently used, scratched and dented items and a bit of

Are you a resident of Lexington, SC searching for a flea market near you? Look no further than Springfield Flea Market. We welcome both vendors and buyers to our market and provide them with enough space to set up shop and walk around. For years now, we've been providing our services to residents of Lexington and its surrounding communities, making

Are you a resident of Aiken, SC searching for antique coins, antique furniture, antique jewelry, used clothing or used dryers? Would you like to save money on products that you'd have otherwise paid top dollar for? Whether you are a collector, a treasure hunter or simply looking for a fun way to spend your afternoon, then Springfield Flea Market is

Starting a business of any kind can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. You'll need to consider factors such as location, capital investment and advertising, which can be overwhelming most of the time. If you have items to sell but don't have the capital to set up your own shop, then a flea market is what you need. The Springfield Flea Market is

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