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Goddard Antiques started as a family business in 1972 in Poughkeepsie, NY by my mother Jean Goddard. She passed away at a young age and I continued to operate the business and build on the foundation she started. Her philosophy was to offer quality antiques, silver and jewelry at the best possible prices and this tradition continues to this very day.

read more › Most American Silver is marked Sterling or 925. Sterling Silver is made from 925 parts pure silver per 1000 and is therefore 92.5% silver. Sterling silver pieces are usually stamped with one of these marks. Prior to the use of the above Sterling marks most American silver was stamped "Coin" or by the individual silver makers personal makers mark. Early American silversmiths relied on their own reputation as a gaurantee of the silver they produced and their livelihood depended on this status. If you have something that is marked in this way it very well might be silver and you should have it examined by a knowledgeable dealer.

read more › Perhaps one of the best things anyone can do to help safegaurd their jewelry and silver from loss or theft is to thoroughly inventory, document and photograph each item. This should include noting any unique identifying marks or insciptions as well as the weight of each individual item. There are no better examples of how to accomplish this then to peruse high end auction gallery catalogues where each item is described in meticulous and sometimes wonderfull detail. Of plain tapering form on circular spreading foot with gadrooned borders and heart shaped spout aperture.

read more › People sell gold and silver for various reasons and not always because they need quick cash. Many people have unwanted, unused or broken jewelry and with gold and silver at or near all time highs it may make sense to sell now. It used to be that diamonds were forever but today they seldom survive a divorce. The same holds true for other types of jewelery for a variety of reasons. Some people get tired of wearing the same piece and want something new. Fashions change by the hour or someone wants to "trade-up" to a better quality piece.

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