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Stuart H Salsbury Appraisers We are pleased to provide appraisals for insurance or tax purposes, litigation, estate planning, after loss or after damage claims, considered sale or personal reference. Recognized expert witness. At Stuart H. Salsbury Appraisal Services, we understand the value and beauty of your personal fine art, jewelry, and antique pieces. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing certified, personal appraisal services for the Los Angeles and Southern California area since 1970.

From period furniture to diamond necklaces, we at Stuart H. Salsbury can provide appraisals for all sorts of valued personal property, whether it be for insurance or tax purposes, litigation, estate planning, after loss or after damage claims, considered sale, or personal reference. Our fine art appraisals can include sculptures, modern and contemporary paintings, graphics, and more.

Whether you inherited them from your great aunt or bought them for yourself, we can appraise all sorts of jewelry including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

read more › With in-depth and extensive knowledge of modern and historical art, our fine art appraisals can accurately value a work of art for your needs. Our appraisers will study several factors in order to get you the most accurate value: artist, authenticity, period, subject matter, style, size, tone, frame, medium, and more. We can work across art periods and styles, determining the facts of a painting to ensure an accurate valuation. The value of a sculpture or other form of statuary requires the evaluation of not only the artist, age, period, and subject matter of the sculpture, but also the material that the sculpture is made with (bronze, marble, terracotta, stone, plaster, etc.).

read more › Many people have antiques at their home. Whether you bought it at an antique show, or it was inherited from a deceased relative, you likely have something that its at least a few decades old, maybe even older. However, you may not know much about the item-its age, its source, its value, even sometimes what exactly it is. By taking your antiques to a professional appraiser, however, you can have these questions answered for you, while also determining the value of your antique for tax purposes, insurance, litigation and more.

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