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We buy sell and trade classic and special interest boats from our boat shop located in the beautiful Adirondack mountains of upstate New York during the summer and from Fort Lauderdale in south Florida during the winter. You can order the special interest inboard Century Coronado, Century Resorter, Century Arabian, Century Saber and Chris Craft Xk 19 in your choice of color interior.

Fabulous exterior color and custom full dress engine options or stock power.

Our shop is located in Forestport New York, known as the gateway to the Adirondack Mountains. The Adirondacks are famous for gorgeous lakes surrounded by the beautiful Adirondack mountains. Many classic craft are snuggled away in boathouses that have been here since the turn of the century. Our closest city is Utica but most people find it easier to

The Coronado (as the name implies) was the top of the line. These boats could plane off with 12 people in them. They were powered by big block 440 Chryslers and 454 Mercrusiers. These boats have a wonderful ride, are perfectly balanced, have 50 gallon gas tanks for long range and could take heavy chop with it's deep V hull. The Coronado is available

The fiberglass Resorter is the most desirable model made by Century. Molded after the popular wood Resorter, these boats were the same from their conception. Outside of the early flat bottom models, all sported the same deep V, great power, snuggly boy/girl front seat, high speed with a nice smooth ride, and a beautiful moan going down the

The Cheetah appeared in 1969, one year after the last wood Century's were built. These are great fast 16' boats with large V 8 engines and a traditional flat Century bottom. I believe they were offered in three colors. Avocado green (like all of our kitchens in that time) white and burgundy. These were great ski boats and they remain popular and

The Chris Craft XK 19 is the sexiest boat ever made. It out Donzi the Donzi because it has much nicer deck and hull lines. The interior is nicer with beautiful gages and it came with a windshield. Most important, it is powered by a 327 Chris Craft inboard, not a I/O. There were only 86 made starting in 1969. These boats didn't sell well because it was

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