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RJG Antiques A highly regarded dealer, author, counselor and broker, Russ has been instrumental in the formation of some of the finest antique duck decoy and folk art collections in the country. The Goldbergers maintain a large and ever-changing inventory of vintage duck and shorebird decoys and American folk art. They are well-known for an emphasis on original paint.

Everything is guaranteed to be as represented. Russ also regularly represents clients at auction and as an agent in negotiating private sales.

read more › We have assisted many collectors in acquiring the best examples of their chosen field of interest. We have located and placed outstanding examples of American folk art and decoys in the best of collections. Many of these have been published in reference books. We particularly like to work with new collectors who are committed to building representative collections in areas of their interest. We have had relationships with clients for over 30 years, resulting in some of the most important decoy and folk art collections known.

read more › Everything offered for sale by RJG Antiques is guaranteed to be as described on this website, a show tag, or on our written sales receipt. We thoroughly evaluate every item we sell, much as a physician would examine a patient, using our years of experience handling countless similar objects. A careful physical examination of the surface consists of meticulous handling, observation under bright sunlight and, often, inspection with UV fluorescent (black) light. If there is any question, imaging studies are performed including the use of X-ray radiographs.

read more › We can offer you our professional expertise in the formation of your collection via private sales or auctions. No matter how much knowledge you have amassed from reading, visiting collections, attending shows and auction previews, you are on your own. We can help you. Guide and shape your collection, following your lead. You can spend a lot of money on "things." Even if you have done your homework and your objects are original, a collection must have direction. We can help you find your way.

read more › We purchase items or entire collections, or we sell on a consignment basis, when the items are consistent with the type and quality of material we carry. We will pay a high, competitive rate, often exceeding others. We also sell items or collections at an even higher level of return to the consignor with no commission charges or fees. We are a full-service company providing professional photography, marketing, sales expertise, the best website in the business, financial programs, etc. Transportation to our facility can be arranged.

read more › Russ, Thank you for the straight up reply. If I were an antique dealer I would operate with the same honesty and willingness to share as you have always done with me. There is a reason for your success and my respect. Love the book, it arrived, no problem. Had I realized that you were the author I would have asked you to sign it! I would also like to thank you for your personalized thank you and offer to follow up with discussion and any questions. These days such personal commitments are more and more becoming a thing of the past.

read more › Visit our Shorebirds, Mason Shorebirds, and Contemporary Carvers pages for shorebird decoys currently available for purchase. The decoys used to illustrate this article are not for sale. Shorebirds, also known as beach birds, are a family of different species of water birds with thin bills and skinny legs. They frequent tidal beaches. Their feet are rarely webbed and have separate toes which allow them to distribute their weight and walk on beach sand without sinking. They forage for grubs, insects, plant matter, small vertebrates and mollusks along the sea shore, tidal marshes and wetlands.

read more › The Mason Decoy Company (Detroit, MI; 1896-1924) was the most successful commercial maker of gunning decoys. They sold decoys worldwide. The decoys are cedar, carved on a pattern lathe in a readily identifiable, pleasing form, finished by hand, and painted in elaborate patterns by hand. The Premier Grade was Mason's finest. Decoys are generally hollow-carved and flat-bottomed, with highly detailed paint patterns. Mason also offered a full line of shorebird decoys in two grades: Glasseye and Tackeye.

read more › New collectors need first to develop an appreciation for, and knowledge about, their area of interest. It's important not to rely entirely on other people when you begin to collect, nor should you fly blind without an adequate frame of reference. If your particular interest is in decoys or folk art, our Links page provides an excellent road map. An experienced dealer has a knowledge base that is in many cases without parallel. Most dealers have a real interest in encouraging new collectors, first, because they are enthusiastic about what they do, and second, because new collectors represent a new source of business.

read more › When in doubt, leave the object alone. Antique decoys and folk art are generally most appealing in their natural, as-found condition. If the object is dirty, wash it carefully with a soft cloth and warm water. If necessary, use a gentle soap like Ivory. Then rinse thoroughly and dry completely with soft towels. Most of these objects were used in water or subjected to weather, and you are unlikely to harm them by washing them. If the object is pasty or if the paint patterns are dull, try mineral oil (available at any drugstore).

read more › Antiques and decoys are subject to use and wear over time. Most of the antiques that we're discussing are at least 100 years old; and most of the decoys are 50-100 years old. Folk art objects such as weathervanes, whirligigs, and decoys were used outside where they were subjected to weather, water, and sunlight. This exposure adds to their charm and produces the wonderful patina that we all want, and some wear should be expected. Generally, the best policy regarding restoration is to leave the object alone.

read more › This part of our website features articles and observations on decoys, antiques, collecting, and other topics that we hope will be of interest. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act Centennial, Written by Rebecca Stephenson and Reprinted from the Desert Rivers Audubon Society Summer 2015 Newsletter. Detroit's Factory Decoys, On Display at DU's Waterfowling Heritage Center, Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid, Memphis, TN.

read more › Flat black painted iron shorebird stands in 3 sizes to accommodate any shorebird. We much prefer these stands to the driftwood stands we used to make. These are cleaner and viewers focus on the shorebirds without competition from the driftwood. We suggest the medium size stand for most shorebirds. The large size is designed for curlews, greater yellowlegs, etc. The small size stand is for peeps and the smallest shorebirds. All orders are plus $20.00 per order (any size) on domestic shipments; international shipments can be easily arranged, with buyer paying our cost.

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