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Arthur W. Erickson, Inc. specializes in 19th and early 20th Century American Indian art and material culture. The items on this site indicate the items that we are interested in, including: Indian Basketry, Beadwork, Art Work, Navajo Jewelry, Indian Pottery, Navajo Rugs and blankets; Eskimo Arts and artifacts: Pre-historic and historic carved ivory, bone, and wood arts; Tribal Arts.

Our brick and mortar store has been established in the West End of Downtown Portland since 1974. We have always and continue to have a fantastic time finding and dealing in the arts. All the merchandise available for sale on this site is currently in inventory at our brick and mortar antique store located at 1030 SW Taylor St. Portland, Oregon, 97205.

That being said, all merchandise is one-of-a-kind, and may not be available if sold in the store while a site user is trying to purchase the item. Also, due to the nature of buying high level antiques on-line, please contact us with any questions you have.

read more › This is the online version of our store, located in the Cultural District of downtown Portland, Oregon. Arthur's deep appreciation for the American Indian, the culture, tradition and history began as a boy growing up in Eastern Oregon. When he was a graduate student, studying law, he walked into an antique shop and purchased his first Navajo rug. This led to a lifelong passion to own a piece of history in the form of art and material culture items. Before long, he was buying, selling and trading American Indian arts and opened his store in 1974.

read more › We consign in the areas of our interest, which is in a wide range of Native American art and material culture, as well 19th and 20th Century Native American items from Oregon, Washington and the Great Plateau, and historic, Pre-historic, Eskimo arts. Other tribal arts are of interest, as well. The items on our website reflect our areas of interest. Our commission is 30% of the price realized.

read more › The sheep horn spoons of the Columbia River Basin, elegantly carved, reveal a simple but compelling artistry expressive of the ways in which the tribes along the river embedded art into everyday life. The Columbia River runs south through Washington State before continuing west along the border between Washington and Oregon, passing from high desert to temperate rain forest as it drains a vast intermontane plateau between the Rocky Mountains and Cascade Range. A number of Chinook and Sahaptin-speaking Native American tribes along the Columbia share elements of a common culture, reflected in the unique design elements of their carvings, baskets, and other items of daily life.

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