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We are pleased to be a unique shopping destination serving the Modesto California area including Ripon, Salida, Riverbank, Oakdale, Ceres and Turlock. We are an Antique, Collectibles, Decorator and Gift mall with dealers carrying a wide range of Antiques, Collectibles and other unique decorator and fashion items sure to interest everyone. If you are looking for something special or just want to spend a little time looking at all manner of wonderful things please come check us out.

We feature Glassware, Furniture, China, Figurines, Shabby Chic decorator items and much more. Check our relaxing shopping section below to see how enjoyable a browse through the mall can be Relaxing Shopping. We have expanded our relaxing shopping experience by providing a complementary glass of wine for shoppers on Mondays through Fridays. The complementary wine is available after 11:00 on weekdays.

Our Parking Lot sales give you a chance to see dealers and get to see some of their merchandise that does not fit in the mall.

read more › The dealers in the mall are spread out through the different areas of of the mall. Remember When contains a mix of independent dealers each with their own unique space carrying a wide range of Antiques, Collectibles and other unique items. There are usually spaces available if you want to become a dealer. Become a dealer Becoming a dealer is surprisingly easy assuming you have the right kind of merchandise that you want to sell at a reasonable price. The layout of the mall is shown to the right.

read more › The courtyard is the open area in front of and behind the checkout counter as you enter the store. Each dealer has their own space around the walls and in the center of the courtyard. There is a good mix of small and large dealer spaces in the courtyard. Most of our dealers carry a range of merchandise. Below are some of our dealers that carry specialized merchandise you may not see in many antique and collectible shops. They bring a special character to the shop and we like to highlight their presence in case you are looking for something special that they might have.

read more › Our parking lot sales are a hallmark of the Modesto location. The sales give some of our dealers the chance to bring in additional merchandise that will not fit in their space within the mall. The sales also feature special dealers that come just for these sales. We usually have special sales in many dealers spaces within the mall. Many dealers try to attend these sales so they can help answer questions about their merchandise.

read more › We try to hold a few customer appreciation evenings each year to show our appreciation to all our loyal customers and allow our customers to meet some of the dealers. Kerri provides drinks and extra staff to help out and the dealers bring food and desert items for the customers. Many of the dealers are there to meet and greet the customers and help them with any questions about their merchandise. Our first event in the new location was the Grand Re-opening and 10th anniversary celebration. The Mall was open from 5:00 to 8:00 by invitation.

read more › We are pleased to be able to provide a private shopping experience for your group or club. All it takes is a group of 12 or more people to get access to the private shopping experience. What is the private shopping experience you may ask. Your group or organization will be able to come to the mall after normal closing and have free run of the mall for your shopping pleasure. As part of the event you can hold your group or club meetings. This is a great way to hold your club meetings with no hassle of renting a room or having one of the members volunteering a room.

read more › The dealers in the mall carry a wide range of merchandise for customers in the Modesto area including Manteca, Ripon, Salida, Riverbank, Oakdale, Ceres and Turlock. Below are some of the major categories of merchandise we carry. This list is just the highlights. In addition to these categories there are a world of other unique items including candles and scents, pocket knives, advertising pieces, matchbox toys, general decorator pieces and many other categories too numerous to mention. The total range of what is available in the store is literally to long to ever catalogue.

read more › A form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their age and signs of wear and tear or new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. Shabby Chic is blending all things old and new, things that are found in expensive shops or trash picked from the curb, and blending them all comfortably and in harmony. Just because something is tattered doesn't mean it can't be beautiful! In addition to ready made shabby Chic merchandise many dealers have items that you can use as a base to make your own Shabby Chic creations.

read more › There are several dealers that carry china and figurines in the shop. There are many brands (too numerous to mention) that will be found in the various dealers booths. The coverage ranges from figurines, single cups and saucers large serving platters, decorative plates to tea sets and complete sets of china. Other dealers are always finding individual pieces in estate sales and auctions so you need to search out each nook and cranny in the shop to find the special piece you need.

read more › Remember When can help you run an estate sale in the Modesto CA. area including Manteca, Ripon, Salida, Riverbank, Oakdale, Ceres, Atwater, and Turlock. We provide estate liquidation services to most of the northern California Central Valley. We can provide full service estate liquidations support to help make your estate sale a profitable success. Click for frequently asked questions about Estate liquidation sales and the services we provide. The sale will run from 8:00 to 4:00 each day. The sale is located at 1913 Vaughn St. Ceres Lots of good stuff accumulated over the years.

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